Born in the UK to British and Canadian parents, Nick's background on the piano was, initially, self-taught; picking out elements of the blues and early jazz by ear on gigs, piano rolls and records. He was fortunate to attend a school with a music program noted for fostering the talents of several generations of jazz musicians, and spent much of his teens playing gigs on the Jazz circuit around his native Kent and London. But he was also fascinated by the music he heard on late-night radio broadcasts ( 'Jazz Notes', and the BBC Radio 3 series 'Night Waves'). "I ended up absorbing the whole history of Jazz in chronological order... I started out listening to ragtime and early stride piano, then figuring out the rudiments of bebop and wound up getting interested in what were then the latest sounds emanating from the likes of Kenny Wheeler, Mike Gibbs and John Surman"

Pursuing studies in composition, he was introduced to a range of music that would continue to resonate with him. However, it was in Jazz improvisation that he found his preferred outlet for channeling these ideas. Moving to London, he studied piano and composition at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. During this time, he received tuition from Simon Purcell, Scott Stroman and John Talyor, all of whom implied ways in which a diverse range of ideas and colours could be brought together with respect to the Jazz tradition.

Following this, Nick was increasingly active as a sideman, frequently called upon to accompany visiting artists in and around London, gaining valuable hands-on experience playing piano and Hammond organ with Alan Barnes, Derek Nash, Trevor Tompkins, Paul Booth, Steve Waterman, Peter King, Dick Pearce, Dave Whitford, Don Rendell, Lee Gibson, Martin Drew and John Etheridge amongst others. He was also busy as a composer; Nick won the Leeds Jazz Festival composer's award in 2006 and was a featured finalist in the Brussels Jazz Orchestra Composition Competition in 2007. He also wrote and performed a piano concerto, small chamber-music works and a size-able body of jazz arrangements for various professional and amateur ensembles that he has directed or been a part of. He has also created soundtracks for number of short films and commercials, with screenings at festivals around the world.

During his late 20's, some time was taken outside of music for pursing other interests. This culminated in gaining an MSc in computer science (graduating with distinction). Nick has found a symbiotic relationship between pursing these two disciplines, the latter enabling him to return to music-making with renewed sense of creative freedom and vigor.

Seeking new challenges, and the right space for further self-development, Nick invoked his Canadian citizenship by relocating to the Canadian west coast in 2013, finding the Canadian west coast to be home of an equally diverse and talent-filled and creative music scene. Along with many new colleagues he has become known for his ability to shift from hard-swinging jazz to pastoral serenity to elements of the 20th/21st century piano tradition at the drop of a hat, both hands equally creative on the keyboard, in a manner that is both constantly engaging and accessible.